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Run a Campaign in Your Community


The Campaign Tool empowers communities to mobilize residents, businesses, and institutions in support of renewable energy and efficiency goals.  Community representatives already have access to this powerful tool. Other needs to apply via the form below. 

Why Create a Campaign?

  • Energy and efficiency goals are often nebulous. The tool allows you to rally your community around concrete, specific efficiency and renewable energy actions that contribute to the larger goal of meeting 90% of Vermont’s energy needs from renewable sources and increased efficiency. 
  • Actions and pledges residents or businesses take in response to your campaign are visible to friends and neighbors. The public nature of the pledges and actions increases follow-through.  Anyone who pledges will also be automatically reminded of their pledge. 
  • Discover what has already been done in your community by collecting actions and what additional steps residents in your community are interested in pursuing. For instance, if 20 people in your community pledge to install a heat pump in the next two years, as energy committee, you should host a heat pump workshop and then invite everyone.
  • Compete with other communities.  The tool shows community results in relation to other communities participating in the campaign. Friendly competition between communities is a great motivator. 
  • Act 174 requires the municipality to detail in energy plans how they will encourage conservation by individuals and organizations.  Using this tool to launch a campaign in your community is means for achieving this requirement.

Responsibilities of a Campaign Manager

  • Writing a campaign description/call-to-action and a thank you message
  • Setting appropriate and achievable goals for your campaign.
  • Mobilizing your community around the campaign.  This includes sharing the link to the campaign via social media, your email list, and potentially collecting actions offline. We recommend you also issue a press release about your campaign.
  • Responding to questions. Your contact info will be listed along with the campaign description online and on the offline form.
  • Using information gathered, including contact info in line with the goals of your Town Energy Committee. Any commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited.

Campaign Manager Application Form