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$Funding Options

  • For Your Home
    • Need to find financing options for your energy work? Efficiency Vermont has the latest rebates and incentives, as well as information on low interest loans.
    • Brighter Vermont offers a “Getting Started” section that offers many financing options.
    • Need a local affordable financing option for all your energy efficiency and renewable investments, including your transportation? Check out VSECU’s VGreen programs.
    • Need easy, affordable financing for your home thermal energy project including heat pumps, weatherization, pellet systems and efficient boilers? The Heat Saver Loan is a state-supported program to make financing for eligible thermal energy efficiency purchases and projects more affordable for all Vermonters.
    • Need a low interest loan for energy improvements that you can pay as part of your regular electricity bill? Check out the Neighborworks loan program for as little as 0% financing, and the on-bill payments through Green Mountain Power.
    • Are you a lower income Vermonter and want to find affordable ways to save fuel and money by improving the energy efficiency of your home? Check out Vermont's Weatherization Program for no-cost assistance!
    • Are you in former CVPS territory? Check out the end-to-end package called Zero Energy Now! Green Mountain Power and BPPA-VT have bundled together energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy technologies, and on-site solar production to guarantee you 50-100% reduction in your energy costs! Up to $7000 incentives available.
      Information on Green Mountain Power's Bill Energy Improvement Plan
    • Single Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants: USDA can assist homeowners with incomes below 50 percent of the state’s median income with energy cost-reducing home improvements. Financing available to install solar panels, install wood pellet boilers, install energy efficient heat pumps, weatherize homes and make energy efficiency improvements. Grants available to very low income seniors.

      Can energy efficiency improvements or renewable energy upgrades help you save money on your home? Check out USDA Rural Development’s Home Repair Loan and Grant program for low income households. 

  • For Your Business
    • Need to find financing options for your energy work? Efficiency Vermont has the latest rebates and incentives for businesses, as well as information on the right financing to help you make the most cost-effective improvements.
    • Whether you are a commercial or agricultural borrower, large or small, VEDA customizes energy financing solutions to fit your needs, including an Energy Loan Guarantee that allows you to work with your existing lender.
    • Are you a small business interested in investing in efficiency or renewables? Check out VEDA’s Small Business Energy Loan Program.
    • Do you need an easy turnkey solution for financing energy improvements with no closing costs and $0 down? Check out the Business Energy Loan at VSECU.
    • Do you live in former CVPS territory and need grant funding to help invest in innovative community renewable energy and efficiency development projects? GMP’s CEED Fund can help!
    • Rural Energy for America Program, grants and loan guarantees: USDA offers assistance to for-profit small businesses to increase revenues through performing energy efficiency upgrades or installing renewable energy systems. Rural Development offers grants of up to $500,000 for the installation of renewable energy systems and $250,000 for projects designed to increase a business’s energy efficiency. Large scale projects can apply for private financing with a Rural Energy for America Program loan guarantee.

      Energy Audit and Renewable Energy Development Assistance Grants: USDA can provides grants of up to $100,000 to eligible applicants for the purpose of conducting energy audits and renewable energy development assistance to agricultural producers and rural small businesses. Eligible applicants include instrumentalities of a State, tribal, or local government; institutions of higher education; rural electric cooperatives and public power entities.

      USDA can help you improve your business’s bottom line by lowering your investment in renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements with a grant through the Rural Energy for America Program.

  • For Your Farm
  • For Your Town
    • Commons Energy offers a total energy solution for municipalities, education and healthcare facilities, and for multifamily housing.
    • Do you live in former CVPS territory and need grant funding to help invest in innovative community renewable energy and efficiency development projects? GMP’s CEED Fund can help!
    • Community Facilities Loans and Grants: USDA can assist towns and non-profits finance energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy systems. Eligible entities can apply for low interest, long-term financing and grants of up to $50,000 to install solar power arrays, purchase biomass systems and undertake energy efficiency improvements such as the weatherization of municipal buildings. Large scale projects, such as major community institutions including hospitals or universities, can apply for private financing with a USDA Community Facilities Program loan guarantee.

      Is your town or non-profit looking to reduce costs through investing in a renewable energy system or in energy efficiency improvements? USDA Rural Development’s Community Facilities Program offers loans, grants and loan guarantees to support energy projects. 

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Planning: Community/Municipal Action

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