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Submit a Story


Stories are a fantastic way to inspire, motivate and educate your neighbors about what you are doing to save money and energy!

We have a few suggestions below to help make your story compelling and perfect for the Dashboard! If you have questions about your story, please feel free to contact us at We are happy to help you!

Write a GREAT story!

  • Stories are really effective when written in third person and written as an article, interview, or in Q&A format.
  • Include a captivating title and teaser for the story to draw the reader in.
  • Organize the article to cover the who/what/where/when/how/why of your story—give a sense of why the people, places, products, and/or topics you are covering are important for your neighbors.
    • Why did the person/business, etc. undertake their action or project?
    • What were the challenges? How was a problem solved? Who helped find/reach the solution?
    • What were the results? Money saved? Environmental benefits? People impacted?
  • Tell us the story in your own words. Check out the stories already on the Dashboard to see which ones speak to you best. Keep the stories short and really focused on benefits, motivations, and resources tapped, but make it fun to read too.
  • If your story, involves a particular technology, provide a brief technology description, or links to the technology.
  • Include quotes from individuals in the story. Having quotes really livens up the stories. Some examples of what to ask: What did they learn from their experience? What was a challenge? How much did they save, etc.
  • Summarize lessons learned for others that might be going through the same situation, with the underlying message of “You can do this too! Here is who to contact for more information.”

Ready to send your story? Fill out the form below and submit it to us!

STORY CONTACT INFO (person/s featured in the article - in case any information needs to be verified):

Photographs: Submit at least one photo in JPEG or PNG format (you may submit more than one).
Please note: You must have permission to use the photos from the photographer and the subject/s of the photo. (if you have people in the photo)

(this paragraph will be seen on the list page of the Dashboard – it introduces your story. Try to make this paragraph as interesting as possible)
(suggested 60-80 word count)
Enter the full text of the article in the text box below, or upload a Word or PDF document by selecting the button below:
(suggested 500-800 word count)

Web links to support your article:
(recommended – we want to encourage people to learn more about installers, energy committees, financing options, etc.)